Vapour Blasting

So you have heard of sandlblasting? did you know it can warp your metal panels as well as being very messy and you have no protection against flash rust once bare metal is exposed. You may also have heard of sodablasting but you have heard its very expensive. Well, let me introduce you to our Vapor Blasting service which offers all the benefits of the above processes but without the drawbacks.

Vapour blasting can operate at very low pressure for delicate items such as aluminum, monument cleaning and even wood. We use a Holdtight 102 rust inhibitor which leaves the surface cleaner than dry blasting by removing all salts and contaminants. Using Holdtight 102 gives protection from flash rust for up to 48 hours, you don't have this protection with dry blasting with any abrasive.

No warping of metal panels occurs when vapour blasting as water prevents the friction between the abrasive media and the metal.


We provide a either a mobile service or at our in house blasting premises.

Sectors and sample items we can blast are:
Car restoration / Agri sector
Residential - Stone and brick restoration
Graffiti removal - chemical free eco friendly option
Marine - Hull and deck coating removal
Anti foul removal / Industrial
Wood restoration / Powder coat removal
Truck and haulage / Line removal - Car parts and road markings
Aerospace - Our blasting rig is Atex Approved
Surface preparation - Concrete and metal so coatings adhere
Machinery & Plant - Painting service available
Petrochemical - Our blasting rig is Atex Approved

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